Let Us Shock You With Our Locksmith Secrets That NO One Will Tell You In London

after living in the London UK for many years and working in the mobile locksmith industry with LTD company I heard about many locksmiths scams that fouled many incent people that needed emergency help or any sort of help. I write that post to make some awareness among people that are not aware of what happens inside the business. here are 5 things you need to know that will save you money.  

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1. Moved To a New House Or Just Want To Change the Locks On Your House? I bet the only thing that you think is (Ching Ching $$)

  • cant find your house keys?
  • moved into a new property?
  • your tenant moved away?
  • lost house keys?
  • in a divorcing or separation process?

 if so you will probably need a local locksmith but the next question is how can you make your best decision to save money.

many people have heard of the word re-key a lock they never know that instead of changing the full lock they can just readjustment the barrel inside. this process is called “rekey” a lock

when the locksmith arrives the first thing he thinks about is how do I get the maximum money I can in the shortest amount of time. 

just want to open your eyes but to rekey the lock cost 25£ and change the lock start from 49£. so before doing any rush decision don’t forget the word re-keying to ask the locksmith.  cause then you can save your lock but only use different keys and disable the previous key.

2. Locked Out Of House And The Only Thing You Think About Is Locksmith? Well Think Again

3 London locksmiths secrets That Will Save You Money | Auto Pro Locksmith

so we all have that stupid moment when we:

  • forget the keys inside the house
  • brake the key in the lock
  • lost our only keys

well, my dear friend, you are not the only one that it happens to him and once it happens you think about calling a locksmith. but let me calm you that you can save money and do that yourself without any specials locksmith equipment.  so before calling you to need to have:

  • A credit card not is used or any thin paper 

and…. that’s it. you see what happens once the door is shut with the key inside the latch go inside the hole in the frame. means that to unlock it you need thin paper or card to put into the frame and jump the latch to open.

3. How Come I Called Local Locksmith But I’m Waiting 1 Hour For Him?! (Hmmm How Do You Know He Is Really Local)

so you need an emergency locksmith cause you probably:

so you search “locksmith near me” on google and found a locksmith that is 1 mile away from your location. so you called and the locksmith told you he be there in the next 20 minutes and you waited 1 hour. let me answer that question. 

many companies use fake locations as their primary office locations but it’s only a fake call centre, not the workplace. so now you ask how do you know what is legit and what’s not so the next technician will arrive according to his location.

  • watch reviews of the company before you call
  • ask to send you a what’s up location so you know that there’s a reallocation

see ones you called a legit company with an office and somewhere that have a father and mother so you know that you don’t get overcharged and if something happens you know where to go to repair.

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