bicycle lock removal

Fair Cost Bike Locksmith For Lock Removal Service

Bike bicycle locksmith kryptonite U & D lock cutting & removal near you services in London. Our bike locksmith helps with cutting and removing the bike lock.

The most common locks that we unlock are u lock, d lock and kryptonite locks.

We can also fix your locks that are stuck. It takes us up to 20 minutes to release your bicycle. we will be there in 30 minutes, and your bicycle will be out.

Types of bike locks we can remove

24/7 Bicycle Bike Lock Removal Locksmith If Lost key In London, UK | Auto Pro Locksmith
  • Bicycle locks
  • Bike locks
  • Chain lock
  • D locks
  • Kryptonite bike locks
  • Cable locks
  • U locks
  • Brake locks
  • Master lock
  • Disc lock
  • Code locks
  • Standard bike lock

Removing locks and chains for U D & Kryptonite Locks

24/7 Bicycle Bike Lock Removal Locksmith If Lost key In London, UK | Auto Pro Locksmith

People usually use D locks & Kryptonite locks to keep their bikes safe. Kryptonite and Abus are the two main brands we see. They are both very strong brands. It takes a lot of strength to get these things out, and they need to be battery-powered, which we have at all times.

Reasons to get bike lock removal service

24/7 Bicycle Bike Lock Removal Locksmith If Lost key In London, UK | Auto Pro Locksmith

Lost bike keys nearby service

Lost keys? Losing bike/bicycle/motorbike keys can be stressful. our bike locksmith can get your bike lock removed in no time and get you back on the road.

Broken key

If your bike key had broken inside the lock you will need to call 24/7 mobile bike locksmiths to extract the broken key and get you back.

Bike burglary attempt

If someone tried to steal your bike we probably damage the lock inside. in a case like that bike locksmith is your best choice for any kryptonite lock removal, chain locks, d locks, cable lock or u locks.

Areas we give bicycle lock & bike lock service

24/7 Bicycle Bike Lock Removal Locksmith If Lost key In London, UK | Auto Pro Locksmith

Wonder how long it’s gonna take to get your bike lock removed? here is the list of bike lock cutting services we mobile:

  • Central London
  • East London
  • North London
  • South London
  • Bike locksmiths cover most London postcodes to get you fast as we can.

Why you should choose our closest bike locksmith in London

24 7 Emergency local bicycle motorbike bike locksmith near me in London, UK

Our team will get to you in under 30 minutes for bike lock removal (U, D & Kryptonite). We are working 24 7 days and night.

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Use special power tools

As we are professional with any kryptonite bike lock, cable locks, d locks, u lock, d lock and most bike locks. we are fully equipped and proper to remove any lock that you need us to cut.

Locksmith Bike Lock Cost

From 60 pounds depend on the type and if its bike/bicycle


In London, we can cut and remove any type of bike lock, like a kryptonite and Abus bike lock, U locks from bikes and electric bikes. A locksmith will be there in 30 minutes to remove your lock if you call us and tell us where you are and when you want them there.

People often call us and ask us to help them remove or cut off their Kryptonite locks. Because they forgot, misplaced, or lost their bike key, or because their keys were stolen. They want us to send a locksmith to get their Kryptonite U lock off of a busy train station or bicycle rail. Other times, it’s because their bike lock has been messed with or the key is broken or stuck in the lock. We can help you get your Kryptonite bike locked off, no matter why you want to do it.

24/7 Bicycle Bike Lock Removal Locksmith If Lost key In London, UK | Auto Pro Locksmith

London Bike & bicycle Locksmiths nearby

Our skilled locksmiths are ready 24/7 to unlock U and D bike locks in central London.

The following bike locks may be removed from bikes in London: Raleigh, Kryptonite (Kryptonite lock), Master Lock (Magnum), Halfords (Knog), Bikehut (Knog)

We also give emergency bike locksmith services in London if you are locked out of your bike, your bike has been burglarized, or you just need to unlock and open your bike for whatever reason.
Police recommend spending around 10% of the worth of your bike on a U/D bike lock to safeguard it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Use a locksmith Locksmiths are experts and can unlock the lock on your bicycle without a key. If it’s not necessary you can use the help of locksmiths unless it’s necessary for them to get it repaired and you are convicted for the theft! This is a perfect reason.

The cost of bike or bicycle lock removal starts from £60.

If you can’t unlock your bike lock, please call us for advice.

We can make a new key for bike locks.

We can fix bike locks.

We have the tools to repair your bike lock.

We can make a new key for bike locks.

We can re-program your bike lock with the same combination, which will cost £60

We can break bike locks.

We can make you keys for your bike lock, which will cost £60