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Not My Happiest Christmas


so my name is Dave and I’m doing house locksmith in London. I got a call last night in 3 am of bedroom lockout in a house. the lady told me that she locked herself out of her bedroom and she needs to unlock it cause she forgot the key inside. 

I was so tired and told her “I will be there within 45 minutes”. I took my car and went over there. 

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Wait For That

after 45 minutes I got there. the house was deep in the woods and she still had Christmas lights. she opened for me the door and lead me upstairs to her bedroom door. I wasn’t so sure but she looked scared like something has happened I felt that something unusual happened in the house and I’m long time doing locksmith.


Holly Crap

i got to the door lock that needed to be unlocked and she told me if I can work fast with half tear on her eye. I started working on the lock and once the door opened I could not believed what I saw. 

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her 16 years old boy hang himself on the fan ventilator and she started to scream. her husband run inside the room to loose the rope from his neck. she had 5 kids that got scared and started to cry. she called ambulance and they said that they couldn’t save him cause it was too late. she told me that before she called they have tried with all force to unlock the door with no luck. that was my first time I got that kind of call.


because I am still in shock from what happen I want to advise people that if you are in emergency and not sure what to do first call the police for help! they will guide you exactly what to do. don’t play around whether its baby locked in a car or you forgot the keys in the house while the oven in on. first call the police cause locksmiths don’t get sometimes detailed information that can lead to that case. so please do that. and I hope I could make a small change with that post. will be grateful if you share it