Car Key Cut Near Me

Should i Choose The Dealer Or The Locksmith For Key Cut

Car Key Cutting Near Me

what if I tell you that there is a cheapest and faster option to get copy, replacement or duplicate car key near your location at your place would you believe me? I am going to tell you some facts about Auto Pro Locksmith.

before I started to be a locksmith I had one situation that I lost my car key and I didn’t know what to do and I was so in a rush that I didn’t had time to think cause I needed to get car key replacement fast and on the spot. 

because that was my first time of losing my car keys the first thing I thought about is dealership. so I called the dealer to get new auto key and he told me that I need to do 5 steps to get automotive key cutting:

London Locksmith

  • I need to tow my car to the dealer.
  • wait 3-5 days till the auto key will be ready 
  • show the full paper work and I mean all the full book not only driver license and proof of ownership (true headache).

so because it was my first time I was just needed to do that without getting some new ideas cause I didn’t know what questions should I ask and if there is other easy and fast option not to go thorough all this hell.

so the results for that dealer call was:

  • I paid 250£ for towing my car in London
  • instead of waiting 3-5 days I have waited 7 days cause they told me some stories about “this is new car and we need new tools”. (just to mention that was ford transit 2007, some new car ha?)
  • on the phone I have got 160£ to make the fob key and later I paid 340£ just because they told me some stories about “that a specials remote so they needed to upgrade it. again that was old car and 70% people in London have ford cars. but I didn’t got so much choice cause lost days of work and my car was in there hands. 

so now let me calculate for you how much money I spent in all that car key cut making in London.

Car Key Cutters Near Me

  • 250£ car towing
  • 340£ keys cutting & programming 
  • lost 7 days of work cause I didn’t have a car. 

yes people all that cause I was in a rush to get car key replacement near me. 

so after I got the automotive keys and I could drive and had clear mind I did some search of car making and found those surprising results.  

I search on google locksmith in London and called one of the locksmiths near me in London and I ask him what is the procedure to get ford car key replacement and those were the answers: 

Cutting Key Near Me Locksmith

  • 149£ for cutting new fob key and if I want extra is 60£.
  • wait one hour until locksmith will come to my location.
  • get student discount of 25%
  • and get original car key with ford logo.
  • show only driver license and proof of ownership instead of 80 papers of ownerships.

so hear me out! I could save so much money and waiting time if I was doing the right research for a locksmith near me instead of calling the dealership and even getting a student discount!! 

so my advice for you people of London is do your research good and carefully for the nearest car key cutter so you don’t spend so much money that you can save.

Great Tips Where To Get Keys Cut Near You

Nearest London Locksmith

  1. first type in google “locksmiths near me“.
  2. now you will get 4 ads on the top, later maps of locksmith locations near you, and after that you will see organic results.
  3. now from all this searches you can do your price market search where you can get the best price of all the locksmiths near you.  
  4. after you found the best price locksmith that you want to make you car keys ask him the next question:   
  • are you bounded with locksmith certificate?
  • do I get any warranty for cutting the key?
  • is that original key or fake?
  • how long does it take to make the auto key?
  • do I get invoice after cutting and programming the key?
  • what is your store address?

the answers you should get from the locksmith near you are:

Near Me

  • yes. I have have locksmith proof of ID.
  • yes. you will get warranty for 6 month.
  • yes. the key have logo and is original.
  • yes. you will get invoice with your time warranty and shop address near you in London

now after you covered all of this you are all good to go and can get your best service with the best price near you 24 hour without have to worried about and bad services. if you have any other questions you can call Auto Pro Locksmith


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