Car Key Cut Near Me In London

if you ask yourself “how much is it to get an automotive key cut near you?” I can ensure you that you came to the nearest & cheapest price place.

here you can find the best car key cutting that has the ability to duplicate, program and make amazing cutting keys with a 1-year warranty.

you find automobile locksmiths that copy and program any vehicle key fobs, modern key fobs, remote key fobs and laser-cut keys for any type of vehicle.  


How do I get a spare Car Key Cutting Near Me in London?

so you are wondering if you should take your auto to the dealership. so the answer is… no. the dealer is the most costly solution you are going to find in London, and yes! this is a fact!

more and more clients that we see each day tells us that we the locksmiths have much more cheaper price then the dealership.

so your answer for how do you get a copy spare key for your car is with Auto Pro Locksmith. we will give you your copy car key estimate on the phone before the arrival. 

Can a locksmith program a car key Near Me?

locksmiths can program automobile keys. the progress to car key cutting is not only to cut it with a laser cutting machine, the progress is a bit longer than that.

First, we use a lishi tool to measure the cuts from the door lock or the ignition barrel and see the depths of the key wafers so we can measure the cutting.

There is another way to get the cutting for your keys and it’s by purchasing a key code from a company that is certified for that.

The keycodes process requires less work from the locksmith, but buying the code costs extra money, so locksmiths prefer to do it manually instead of wasting their money.

After the blank car key has been cut and can turn your door lock, ignition lock, and boot lock and everything is good to go now it’s the last step to start the car by cutting a transponder key with the remote key fob.  

Car keys have chips to prevent from burglars stealing the car by damaging the ignition by turning the barrel with a screwdriver. so the programming required expensive program equipment to sync your key to your vehicle for starting.    

Areas key cutters near me service for replacement car keys

best cheap car key cutting prices UK. for any cheap key cutting and programming. we have more than 9 years of experience in the car key replacement field.

What makes us the best local Car Key Cutting service in London

Remote car keys – key cutter near me

For vehicle keys with remote control, enter car models or regulates to find nearby shops that can cut or program new replacement keys. We will show you pricing for the brands, not the brands and universal key we offer and contact you in advance for a visit to our shop! With our key replacement nonbranded keys, we offer up to 60% discount on key replacement prices. All vehicles can be repaired, and replaced! Our quick, safe services are as follows.

Car key replacement brands we work with

Our range covers the most common brands and models including Ford, Vauxhall, Fiat, Honda and Peugeot Citroen. We deal regularly with Vauxhall’s major car makers and find the most famous models from their line of Corsa, Astra and Insignia variants.


Our company has replaced automobile keys for almost 10 years. Our experience with vehicle keying programs is first-class and our services are unparalleled in their class. Our goal is to provide smooth, hassle-free services performed at our factory in your absence.

Need a car key cut in an emergency

Most MLA-approved car lock companies will provide emergency 24 hours service, as well as supply keys to clients on site.

Non-remote car keys

All stores can replace a basic or chipped car key. Many key cutting services are available on-demand.

Replacement remote key fob

When your car keys are stolen the auto locksmith may replace it or make another replacement.

Original car key replacement services

Our auto locksmith has all original types of vehicle keys including:

  • Stolen key
  • Broken key
  • Programmed car key
  • Locked car key
  • Lost car key
  • Vehicle entry
  • New key
  • Spare keys for cars
  • Transponder keys
  • Vehicle locks
  • car key cutting service
  • van key cutting
  • car keys copy
  • van key replacement

Specialist auto locksmith replacement car keys for most types of vehicles

  • Ford car key cutting service
  • Nissan auto key cutting
  • Citroen vehicle key cutting
  • Cut key for Peugeot car
  • BMW car key cut
  • Kia new car key cut
  • Fiat car keys replacement
  • car key replacement for Hyundai
  • Mazda car keys cut
  • Car key cutters for Audi
  • Key cutting for Dacia cars
  • Volvo replacement car keys near me
  • replacement car key near me for Renault
  • Mercedes van key cutting
  • Honda car keys replacement near me
  • Make a car key Lexus
  • Vauxhall auto keys cut
  • Skoda replacement car keys uk
  • Key replacement car for Alfa Romeo
  • replace car key for Suzuki
  • Car key replacements VW
  • Seat key replacement for car
  • Smart replacing car keys
  • Toyota keys cut for cars

Verification process before the Automotive Key cut Cutting Services

  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • the original owner of the car
  • driver license
  • insurance
  • tell me about your issue 

What should I choose dealership or locksmith expert Near Me? (car key replacement costs)

That’s the most popular question client ask before they get a car key replacement. as me and I know we care about 2 things: 1. how much is the price for the copy, replacement, remote, key fob or whatever? 2. does the key is original and I’m not going to be stuck outside my house in the woods with a non-working car key?

now I’m going to cover this topic once and for all!

I asked a few people in London what the dealerships requirements after losing the car keys and that was the answer:

  • paid 150£ – 250£ for towing (cause the dealer is not mobile).
  • instead of waiting 3-5 days, I have waited 7 days.
  • on the phone, I got quoted 160£ to make the fob key and later I paid 340£ cause of some excuses (once the car been towed you can’t go back and can’t negotiate).
  • after a few months, the remote stop working.

so in total is:

  • 150 – 250£ car towing
  • 340£ keys cutting & programming 
  • lost 7 days of work cause I didn’t have a car. ££££
  • and all that for 1 car key replacement !!

After you found the best price locksmith that you want to make your new car keys ask him the next question: 

  • are you bound with a locksmith certificate?
  • do I get any warranty for cutting the key?
  • is that the original key or fake?
  • how long does it take to make the auto key?
  • do I get an invoice after cutting and programming the key?
  • what is your store address?

the answers you should get from the locksmith near you are:

  • yes. I have a locksmith’s proof of ID.
  • yes. you will get a warranty for 6 months.
  • yes. the key has the logo and is original.
  • yes. you will get an invoice with your time warranty and shop address near you in London

now after you covered all of this you are all good to go and can get your best service at the best price near you 24 hours without having to worried about bad services. if you have any other questions you can call Auto Pro Locksmith.

FAQs For Key Cutting

A locksmith can cut keys. We have a particularly large range of keys; they vary from keys that are of quite old design to the foremost modern transponder type keys.

There are many cases in which the guideline is that if one key fits into all the locks then we will change the pins so it turns. For different locks, we may have to replace different lock pins.

Try in google “closest locksmith” to find the nearest auto locksmith to your house for spare car keys or car key replacement with precision key cutting for spare key