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Euro Locks In London

A Euro Cylinder lock, or ‘pin tumbler lock’ (as it was originally known when patented in 1805), is used primarily as a locking medium to operate a lock case. Euro Cylinder locks are today’s most popular locking system amongst locksmith services and architectural ironmongers. check for prices.

Modern Euro Cylinders feature anti-drill, anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-snap security measures, making them perfect for a range of locations including; homes, schools, academies, care homes and hospitals to name just a few!

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How a Euro Cylinder Lock Works

The Euro Cylinder is located through the lock case and secured by a fixing screw through the face of the lock case. The key rotates a cam which in turn drives the deadbolt in the lock case into a prepared keep in the frame of the door, thus securing the door in place.

Euro Locks Master Key Systems

The ‘standard differ’ Euro Cylinder is the most common cylinder lock. It’s widely available from DIY stores, specialist retailers and locksmiths. Master Key Systems stock a wide range of Euro Profile and Oval Profile cylinder locks, or as they are sometimes called; ‘door lock barrels.

01. What Does Keyed to Differ Mean?

When a lock is made to ‘differ’ it means that every cylinder has a different key, and so one cylinder’s key will not operate another. The Oval Profile, or British Oval Profile, works on exactly the same principle as the Euro Cylinder lock but instead features an oval shape rather than a euro profile shape.

02. What Does Keyed Alike Mean?

When a lock is ‘keyed alike’ it means that the lock is identical to another (or many) thus meaning one key will operate all locks that are ‘keyed alike’. This is Different to a Master Keyed System, whereby each door may have its unique key, but a ‘master key’ may still operate different locks. Keyed alike groups are quite common in larger Master Key Systems typically for Risers or communal doors.

03. The Security of Modern Locking Systems

The latest level of cylinder security is the British Standard Kite Mark TS* cylinders rated 1-3 stars. 1-star being the basic level and 3-stars being the highest level (at the time of reporting, 2020). A 3-star cylinder now offers; Anti Drill, Anti Pick, Anti Bump and Anti Snap security measures. This does not, however, guarantee key security as some of the manufacturers have made their Kite Marked Euro Profile cylinders on a standard keyway where key blanks are available at key bars and locksmiths.

04. Thumb Turn Designs

Some Euro Cylinder Locks feature ‘thumb turns’ or ‘knobs’, meaning that a key is not required to operate the lock from the inside the property, this is particularly popular with fire authorities as they deem thumb-turn locks safer to use on fire exits.

05. How the Euro Cylinder Has Developed Over the Years

One of the first developments made to the ‘pin tumbler lock’ was the introduction of anti-drill locks. Designed to prevent criminals from drilling into the ‘core’, or, ‘plug’ of the Euro Cylinder. It also prevented drilling below the plug into the body of the Euro Cylinder, where damage could be done to the spring drivers and operating pins.

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Just like in modern times, people would accidentally lose their keys, and so locksmiths were required to pick doors open for their customers. The criminal fraternity soon spied an opportunity to break into properties by picking Euro Cylinders, and so new measures had to be taken. Anti-pick locks were developed and soon became the norm.

Many key types have been designed for use with Euro Profile cylinder locks, mostly created by manufacturers attempting to set trends with patented designs. However, designs that weren’t protected by patents were ultimately copied and an industry was created supplying key bars and locksmiths with key blanks. As the demand for euro cylinders grew, they became more readily available.

Keen to be one step ahead of criminals looking to exploit weak locking systems, the industry introduced British Standards to encourage manufacturers of Euro Cylinder Locks to improve not only their reliability but also their actual security level. In common with responsible manufacturers, Master Key Systems secured BSEN 1303 2005 on its range of Euro Profile Cylinders.

The BSEN 1303 2005 standard ensures minimum levels of reliability and degrees of security depending on the standard achieved during testing. This was to be the start of a new era for Euro Profile Cylinder Locks. A new standard was created to offer the many users of Euro cylinders a wider choice depending on the application i.e. low-level risk to high-level risk of break-in.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The most glaring difference between a mortise lock and a cylindrical lock is that the incontrovertible fact that a mortise lock requires a pocket or an indention to dig the door at the precise spot where the lock is to be fitted.