Facts about locks
Facts about locks

You might not know that locks are very important. But, you need to know more about them if you are going to keep your home and belongings safe. Here are some fascinating facts about locks. These include what are mortice deadlocks, SMART LOCKs, RIM LOCKS, and more. They also help you keep track of your key’s location. But, before we get started, let’s take a closer look at them.


A smart lock is a highly secure option to install on your front door. With its electronic technology, the lock can be opened only by entering a code. With this technology, you can eliminate the need for multiple keys by creating a single entry code for all members of your household. You can also track all access to your property and prevent anyone from entering it without your permission. It is important to have an experienced locksmith install the lock for you, so make sure to call a professional locksmith London company.

Smart locks come in many types. Some of them are keypad-based, which make them reliable and easy to use. However, they’re also very easy to hack if the buttons are dirty or worn. You’ll need to clean your buttons regularly, so that nobody can read the code. You can also opt for electronic card-key smart locks, which are also popular. However, a key card can be hacked, but it’s not very common. The technique would require a special technique to make a key card that looks similar to your lock. This is unlikely, but could be costly for thieves.

If you’re looking for a smart lock for your home in London, you may want to go for one with Bluetooth capabilities. This technology will allow you to control the lock without having to carry a key. In addition to allowing you to enter and exit your property, smart locks also save you time. With no more searching for the key, you’ll never be late for work or an appointment. Plus, smart locks can notify you of dangerous doors in advance.


The word mortice lock is often misused to refer to specific types of lock. The term actually refers to a lock that is morticed into a door or clamped to a surface. There are two main types of mortice locks, a mortice sash-lock and a mortice dead-lock. Mortice sashlocks are often used on front doors, while mortice deadlocks use a key for both functions.

The physical strength of a door is perhaps the most important aspect of security, as it helps prevent break-ins and burglaries. Mortice deadlocks are more secure than standard locks, but even then, they can be vulnerable to break-ins. And because thieves don’t pick locks, the majority of break-ins are the result of a person kicking in the door.

Mortice deadlocks require a key to activate a stalemate. The main advantage of mortice locks is that burglars can’t get into a house by breaking a window adjacent to it. Moreover, deadlocks prevent escape through a door. Mortice deadlocks are commonly installed on front and back doors, while cylinder locks are used for internal doors.

Mortice deadlocks are used on external wooden doors alongside a deadlatch. They provide home security for the most part, but the three-lever model is not secure enough. Mortice deadlocks have a three-lever version and a five-lever version, and are used in external doors. Mortice deadlocks are generally cheaper to manufacture and purchase than seven-lever models.


If you have ever purchased a door that is equipped with a multipoint door lock, you know that it can be a very useful security feature. Multipoint door locks have three bolts locking the door from the inside. They offer better security and style than a basic deadbolt. Here’s what you need to know about these locks and how they work. A multipoint door lock will give your home an extra layer of security, and it will also prevent your large doors from warping.

A multi-point door lock is made of zinctec-treated steel, which is 45mm thick. Its core is made of bonded dufaylite honeycomb that prevents it from twisting. Additionally, the lock also includes an integral anti jemmy strip. A multipoint lock system is available in standard powder coating or an unpainted finish. It is backed by a two-year anti-corrosion warranty.

Using a multi-point door lock is a good idea if you have a uPVC exterior door. While it isn’t a necessity for traditional wooden doors, they can be a great way to increase the security of your home. However, multi-point door locks change are not a good option for wooden doors due to their swell and shrinking issues. In those cases, a composite wood may be a better option. Accoya, which is one of the world’s leading high-tech woods, has a seventy percent decrease in the swelling issues. Additionally, it offers three times the security of a traditional single bolt mortice lock.

When buying a multi-point door lock, you need to know how to measure your existing door. Most multi-point locks work on a single inline spindle. For off-set levers, you should look for one with two spindles. Purchasing a multi-point door handle for your door is easier if you follow the right guidelines and measurements. HandleStore has created a guide on measuring upvc doors so you can make the right decision.


If you are interested in locks, you may have heard about the rim lock. This locking device was first patented in 1778 by Robert Barron. It is a lever that falls into a slot in the bolt and is prevented from moving unless the lock is opened by a key. To open the door, the key must slide the lock up and down. In the older versions of rimlocks, the lock was huge and the levers were at least forty centimeters across. Modern rimlocks are small and often have night latches.

Rim locks are also known as surface mount locks. Their latch slides into a keeper in the rim of the door. Some use a knob to operate the latch. The concept of a rim lock goes back to medieval times. In 1830, James Carpenter patented his “Number 60” lock, which was used until the 1940s. This type of lock has many differences between the two.


If you live in London and want to ensure your home is secure, you should consider purchasing Digital/Electronic Locks. Digital locks work on a keypad or smartphone application. Some of them even allow you to program the lock to send you notifications whenever you enter the home. This technology ensures that you’re always in the know and can easily lock or unlock your home without worrying about your keys. Besides, you can also benefit from remote accessibility and the convenience of keyless locking.

Whether you’re in London or just looking for a new lock, a renowned locksmith can provide you with reliable and secure locks. The Little Lockey is compact and blends in with your household fittings. LC200 cabinet lock provides easy and reliable access control. This lock is ideal for offices and homes alike. Lockey Digital UK also offers a variety of key safes for households and offices. The LC200 cabinet lock is an excellent option for any home or business and allows you to have a high level of security without the hassle of keys.

Choosing the right lock is crucial for the security of your home and belongings. Choose the right one that suits your needs and your budget. If you live in London, you may want to consider installing Digital/Electronic Locks in your home. They’re easy to install and offer the added benefits of security. They’re also a good choice for commercial property security. You can also use them on lockers, furniture, and cabinets.

Smart locks are also a great choice for external doors. Unlike conventional locks, smart locks don’t attract thieves. Locksmiths from Locked Out London also provide free security surveys and expert guidance on smart locks. In addition to installing smart locks, they offer CCTV installations and alarm systems. The services they offer are comprehensive. If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith in London, look no further. They’ll help you find the perfect digital/Electronic Lock for your property.

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