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Secure Front Doors

It should be taken into account that your doors should be secure so to gain entry by intruders won’t be easy so the level of security will be high is a must. According to a new ONS survey, 76% of burglaries in Britain were carried out by external doors. Your entrance door can be easily accessible if you’re looking for someone to enter your property. Ensuring your entry door is as safe as possible can help you limit potential unintentional accessing your home. There are several precautionary measures to ensure your entrance is secured, which we’ve described here.

What can I do to improve front door security?

There are several ways to improve home security. Tell me the key factors to increase the safety at your existing entrance.

Front door security
Front door security

Upgrade your locks to the BS3621 British Standard locking system

Get your security system upgraded with BS3621, which is standard for most insurance companies. To verify the BS3621 locking system click here. The guide provides a summary and information about all the advantages and disadvantages. These locks conform to BS3621 British standards that test locks against common burglary techniques like drilling and picking. Some upgrades are made including Mortis Locks Night Latches ( Yale Locks ) and Ram Cylinders Locks. Depending if the property is situated on a flat block the standard BS8621 is recommended ensuring anyone is able to get back without having any keys.

Reinforce your door

You may also add reinforcement at your door to improve the level of safety. One common reinforcement are deadbolts that cannot be locked (or unlocked) from inside. If your doors don’t contain any steel, a deadbolt can be installed yourself which adds extra safety. The door chain can also be used and since the door is externally closed from outside, it can provide evidence indicating a possible intrusion. You can also add steel or nickel reinforcement around door hinges and locks to ensure more security. When these are installed the doors are impossible because the metal has armour from the inside.

Door lock

Each door requires its own lock and there are many options available to you. If your door locks are damaged or rusted, they may need replacing. The safest types of doors locks include: Upon purchasing any new lock system, check with the homeowners insurance companies for the type you have. Failure to follow these steps may result in your homeowner’s coverage being reduced in the event of uninsured property. Normally having locks in accordance with UK standards is considered good, but all the above-mentioned locks must meet these requirements.

Replace or repair your Hinges

Although they cannot help prevent burglaries, weakened hinges can allow intruders into your home. Similar to any part of the doors hinges deteriorate over time. This should remain constant by regularly reviewing it and changing it accordingly. Although fixing hinge related issues manually is possible, unless they have been beyond repair it may need upgrading.

Install a Peephole

Installation of peepholes may be of little use in a situation where you can’t find a person in the doorway. Potential fraudsters and apprehensions may not have a clue how to open a door that is sealed by a peephole because they have lost the surprise that is crucial for some of these schemes.

Install a Strike Plate

Security strike plates can be fabricated to support doors and locks. Door jambs are an area in your door frames that is susceptible to weakness. Install the hammer plate and increase your house security immediately.

Alter your letterbox

Letter boxes allow access to the property without the absence of a key. We advise installing a draught-exclusion device inside the case for safety.


The peephole lets people know who’s inside the door before they open it so you don’t open the door for intrusion.

Remotely accessible CCTV systems

A remotely controlled camera is an efficient way to keep your house safe and protected from the outside world.

Security Alarms – Regularly Change The Code

Installing Burglar alarms is effective and it is necessary to change their code regularly for the maximum use you will get.

Digital Door Viewer

Sees the person in the room before opening the door via the door viewer. Digital door viewers offer advantages as well as some common features.

Toughened glass or windowless

If an attacker could smash the glass in order to get inside the door it would be easy to break it. Installing tough glass that will resist breaking would be another option, or perhaps even opting out of the glass at your door.

Composites door

It is a material that makes high quality entrance doors. Composite door designs offer the benefits of multiple kinds of materials. Composite doors provide not only the highest security but also durability and weather resistance.

Front and Back Door Sensor Lighting

The use of sensors in the home’s front door and entrance will deter a possible theft and will enable your home to be seen. Benefits: keeps the area light when movements are detected. Burglars dislike sunlight because it makes them afraid. This also makes them helpful if you need to sleep late at night. AuraGlow’s LED sensor lighting is a great protection solution.

windows and doors chains

You can also see the person who opens the door with a door chain. There is door chaining for uPVC and composite doors. These chains can be easily assembled and are cost effective and can help prevent burglaries. Door chains for UPVC Doors are effective against intruders. We recommend that your locks be “police inspected”. Pricing: A Police approved lock chain costs from £20 and can be purchased professionally fitted. Please see the safest door chains on this page.

Security Grills or Bars to protect Windows

Side windows on rented homes have a tendency to slam for key entry, or even block the windows. Security grilles can be installed in residential dwellings. Decorative grilles and bars can also increase home safety without destroying its appearance. Type: Different security grilles can vary from fixed to collapsible. Difficult fitting – We suggest getting it adapted for expert benefit — a good solution for preventing people from breaking glass or entering the premises.

Timber door

The wood door is usually the front door for the homeowner looking in the direction of traditional charm. Besides aesthetically-pleasing doors, timber has an excellent security feature and especially a modern timber front door. The door is often equipped with the doorway and mortice lock but it can be used for additional security – remember to check the security system the door comes with by manufacturers or installers.

Letterbox Security – Prevent “Fishing” add a Letterbox guard

The addition of letterbox security (letter plate) is helpful in preventing thieves from taking out your keys in a letterbox. Letterbox guards may help stop thieves from seating out’ their keys. It’s recommended every letterbox guard must meet TS008 standards.

What is the best lock for a front door?

A front door has only its security if its locks are used in conjunction with its quality. Having the keys drilled and locked can’t hurt. Therefore, when selecting your entrance doors you should take more consideration of the lock and the locking mechanism than anything else. You should also note a safety inspection of your house is required to determine what locks are in your doorways. A deadbolt with five levers is generally a basic requirement and your home might not get insurance when your doors have a lower locking capacity. The UK uses 2 main types of lock styles.

Euro profile

Unlike an ordinary oval lock, the euro lock has the same shape as an open keyhole. Each uPVC door is fitted with a Euro-cylinder door latch which is attached to the handle and has multi-point locking. The multipoint locking system is an effective security system but the locking cylinder has an inherent flaw which makes the locking lock cylinder easy to snap out, which makes multi-point locking redundant. Euros have sunk in over 25% of robberies. Anti-snap – Despite concerns regarding the Euro lock new anti-snap cylinder locks were introduced and the police suggested replacing the old Euro lock for old uPVC doors.

Mortice Lock on front doors

A mortise is a hollow in structure that accepts a piece of material that locks together with a bolt (mortise and tenon joints). Mortice is locked doors which can be opened by side or with keys recessed or mounted inside. It was also called ‘chubby lock. The bolt on the mortice locks slots into the frame that is inserted by the locking mechanism into the door frame and the strength of the locks determines the positions of the bolt on the door. When doors have handles which are operated by doors they are known as mortice latches.

Lever lock for front doors

Most people assume mortice locks are the same thing as lever locks – they’re different. Nevertheless, the locks can be locked using levers. The lever lock works with a pressed key which reaches an individual height, pushing the lock button into the metal frame strike plate in the door frame. Typically, these locks are extremely hard to break, since they are securely secured indoors. The more levers on the door, the more reliable, 3-levers, 5-levers, seven-leaves and more.

Rim lock or nightlock to secure door

Rim locks consist of self-contained locking mechanisms that are placed on doors. The key latch is mounted into a locking rod mounted in the door frame and is not locked to its frame. This is known as Yale locks. It is controlled by keys on either side and thumbs turning on both sides. Typically locks may be deadbolted using thumb-shifts which means the external lock cannot be operated. In wooden doors it often combines a mortise lock with rim locks:

Oval profile

Oval profile or Euro cylinder locking systems are fitted with mortise-lock cases. It can be replaced through the hinge of the lock which holds the keys by pressing the lock lever and without changing the lock case. Often if a person loses their keys, they will have to change their keys. The handle must be lifted so the lock turns and when locked the handle cannot be lifted.

Cylinder or Euro locks

Euro cylinder locks are controlled by grooves on keys extending internal pins that are spring-loaded into cylinders when the keys are rotated.

Round profile

In some cases it is a wheel locking style with a locking mechanism called cylindrical as was the case with Yale’s lock.

How to secure patio doors and windows?

As the windows on the porch are huge and glassy, they are perceived as more vulnerable to a thief. A burglar would probably break up a window with loud and noisy noises, and if they did they would not have risked breaking a shard of glass. The least vulnerable rooms and the easiest entryways are your fronts and rear window or doorways. Most patio doors feature multi locking systems and they have bolts at the top and bottom for further protection. They feature an extra strong glass door, ensuring a 200 pound box cannot smash through.

Five lever mortice deadlock

Our plan will begin by installing the five-lever mortice deadlock that can be opened with a key on each side of the door. Most traditional keys on doors are locked without any keys and are visible when the keys are turned into the lock while the doors are open and when you release the lock. The deadbolt cannot move when the lever is turned in. Installing deadbolts on your main door locks is incredibly effective. Many insurance companies are required to install mortice deadlocks on the door.

uPVC new front door

uPVC door designs are popular across the UK with homeowners due to their affordable prices. I’m assuming it’s uPVC door safe? UPVC doors have a strong multi lock system that provides excellent security in general. The key is lifted up on upvc doors and locks the key. The lifespan of UPVC doors varies from 15-20 years whereas some others can be shorter, and as one ages, the security can diminish. A new UPVC door will increase your house’s safety.

Are glass doors safe?

Does glass door safety exist? Is there any better glass door for your home? To help protect glass doors it’s possible to use a glass bead inside the glass doors for internal safety. Installing glass panels on doorways must have tougher or laminated glass. Or, use locks that can be closed only through windows, like double-cylinder locks. When you have a glass panel on the door, you can add the safety grill to provide additional security.

Tell me the best front door for security.

The safest entrance is made by two factors: its material and its lock system. This examines uPVC, composite and wooden door styles, and lists things to look for when choosing the best lock. It’ll probably be easier to keep your house secure by using front doors. There was a time when people could open a door, but today there is a stark reality that homeowners must protect themselves as much as possible.

Tell me the importance of front door security.

Most home burglaries involve entering the door of the home but a weak front door can allow for unauthorized entry of your residence. Door and window security measures should also be able to block potential burglars from entering your house by making a safe entrance to the premises. Peace of mind as the homeowner is incredibly important because you are not worried about any intruder.

Long hinge screws

The longer these screws are pushed through the frame and the doors the stronger they can become against an attempt to break in.

Front door security and back doors

All Anglian external doors (except composite garage and stable doors) include standard Yale kit-marked cylinder locks which are of the highest standards available. It is the best example of the British Standard kite mark, a mark which is widely accepted by many insurance companies and trusted worldwide. Three stars show that the system has achieved the highest level of safety from the TS007 British Standard kitemark, and it also contains new locks that snap test. The locks come as standard with a 10 year warranty and the cylinder has a security design for additional comfort.

Trusted by customers secure door

Regulatory authorities in Britain confirm that our products meet our criteria for quality assurance. Independent services to resolve consumer disputes among registered businesses. It validates British manufacturing and British craftsman-made products. Anglian serves in leading roles at the Glass and Glazing Federation (GPF).

Why choose Anglian multi point locking?

We are there from ordering to installation and give advice on the most effective and safe doors available for your home or business.

What is the strongest front door?

Composite doors The surface of the doors is fabricated from glass-reinforced polymer, which is strong and combined together, they form the most robust and stable door. A composite door offers more security and fewer risks than a standard front door.

What’s the most secure back door?

Doors constructed using three types are the three best and most secure front doors in the house. . Fiberglass door ranks first in three different types of construction. These doors feature many advantages over wooden doors or metal ones. A metal door can be a common home door. Wood doors provide additional protection from fires in your home. Fibreglass is the top material for doors in three categories. These types of doors offer all benefits of steel or wood doors. Aluminium doors are used in homes as front doors. … Wooden doors provide additional protection to a home.

How can I make my patio door more secure?

How do you keep the door locked? Double Glazed Patio Doors. … Install Quality Sliding Doorframes.. … Install curtain covers for privacy. … Keep your door open. . Have three point locks. … Install locks on the window. Install AntiLift devices if necessary. .. The security door can also be secured with additional safety keys.

Do door jammers actually work?

Doors can be jammed in a simple and safe way to increase security at doors. It’s a great idea to rent a house and travel to other countries without any legal rights.

What is the most secure door?

Steel doors provide the best security. Even with the smallest of abuse, these doors can easily dent than fall.

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