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There are several simple ways to secure your home from burglars. Close blinds and curtains and install motion sensor lights. Also, rethink where you place your keys. Shrubs can also be moved out of the way. A burglar will be put off if there is no visible evidence that someone is home. You should have no reason to leave your home unattended, so make sure that you lock your doors when you’re away.

Motion sensor lighting

Using motion sensors is a great way to protect your house against burglars. The lights will turn on when motion is detected. Although this deterrent effect varies, it is still better than no lighting. The lights can be placed over exterior doors as well. Using motion sensors in the basement will ensure that no one can sneak in, as the basement does not get warm like a garage does.

Using motion-detection lights will not only protect your home from burglars, but they will also help you save energy. Added security features can be very effective, such as outdoor motion-activated security lights. A sudden porch light will warn neighbors that someone is at home. A burglar will probably flee your home if he activates the light, so motion-activated lights are a good way to make your house look less appealing to burglars.

Another great way to protect your home from burglars is to get to know your neighbours. By building a rapport with your neighbours, you will be able to recognize strangers who are approaching your home. A motion-activated outdoor light will spook burglars and even blind passersby. But these lights won’t deter someone if you don’t call 911, and if no one is there to spot them.

Closing blinds

Closed blinds and curtains can prevent thieves from viewing your stuff and showing that you are away. Burglars will avoid a house with open windows or blinds if they know that they cannot see anything in the inside. These features also give you more privacy. If you’re home alone, burglars won’t bother attempting a break-in if they cannot see inside the house.

One important way to keep burglars out of your home is to make sure it is visible from the road and from neighbouring yards. A house with no hiding places is much less likely to attract a burglar. Unruly shrubs and trees can also be a major cause of hiding places. Trim these to keep them in order. Keeping them trimmed will reduce the chance of a break-in.

Removing shrubs

A common mistake people make when trying to prevent burglaries is leaving shrubs on their property. If your home is vacant, the tallest shrubs in your yard will provide a hiding spot for burglars. Rather than removing them altogether, simply replace them with shrubs that will protect your house. Experts recommend replacing old shrubs with new ones if you’re serious about preventing burglaries.

Thieves usually choose houses with fewer visibility and less privacy, so removing any vegetation that would make it difficult for them to see your home will make your house more difficult to break into. Shrubs and trees should be kept at a minimum height of 2 feet. Choose thorny plants instead of soft ones to create a better barrier. Lastly, install adequate outdoor security lighting in your yard to illuminate all entrances. Make sure your main entrance has at least two fixtures, in case one fails.

Removing trees around two-story homes

In order to prevent burglaries, homeowners should prune or remove trees and bushes from the yard. The longer the branches, the more cover they provide robbers. Moreover, they can also hide the house by hiding behind untrimmed shrubs. Similarly, homeowners should trim or remove trees and bushes that are less than half a metre tall. Fences are also an effective way to prevent burglaries. Open chain-link or ornamental metal fences are the most secure.

Locking up garage

If you’re considering moving into a new home, one of the first steps is to change the locks on the doors leading to the garage. Burglars can gain entry through the garage door. Make sure the locks are changed after the previous tenants move out. You don’t know how many other copies they may have made. If you’re renting, ask your landlord to change the locks as well.

It’s easy to forget to secure the doors leading into the garage. The problem is that they are often the only way a thief can gain access to your home. You should also lock up the windows and regular doors in your house, including the garage door. You should also keep the garage door opener inside the house. Never leave the door unlocked for long periods of time. This way, burglars can’t get in without stealing valuable items or cash.

To protect your home from a break-in, install a security system for the garage. Locking the garage door can help prevent intruders from stealing your vehicle. You can also install motion-sensing flood lights to deter thieves. These lights can work in conjunction with security cameras or alarm systems. You can even install a garage door opener that will automatically shut after it has closed.

Keeping home well-lit

Keeping your home well-lit will help deter would-be burglars from targeting your property. The presence of outdoor security lights or lamps on timers will deter these would-be intruders, as these areas are favored by burglars. You can also lobby for improved street lighting. Keep spare keys and a copy of your house keys with a neighbour or make an extra copy of your house key.

Another effective way to keep your home safe is to keep it visible from the road and your neighbour’s yards. If there are any hidden spots in your yard, burglars may feel more confident about targeting your property. Similarly, unruly shrubs and trees in your yard can create hiding areas for burglars, which is why you should keep them trimmed. Keeping your home well-lit at night will deter thieves from targeting your property.

Rethinking door lock placement

If you’re looking to protect your house from burglaries, rethinking door lock replacement is a smart idea. Burglars like houses with fewer exposed windows and doors because they have less cover to hide behind. Consider removing shrubs and trees from your yard, and plant thorny plants where possible instead of soft plants. You should also install outside security lighting to light up all access doors, and make sure the main entrance has two fixtures in case one bulb fails.

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