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Lock Repair Service in London

When lock repair service is required we’ve got the  solutions for you.

If your lock stop to operate, keys are lost, or for any reason, you’ll need a lock repair service: we must provide you with the foremost cost-effective and suitable solution. One which will meet both your requirements and budget.


Auto Pro Locksmith provides emergency lock replacement services 24 Hours in London and therefore the surrounding counties. one among our fully qualified London locksmiths can reach any location to repair your locks in within 20 min . Our lock repair service is freed from call-out charges.

We can repair any sort of lock. 

Residential Lock Repair in London

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The professional and friendly members of our team will help you with advice on the simplest solution for your specific option.

Once you select the lock we going to place it on your door.


Whatever the situation, staff members at Auto Pro Locksmith are bound to know the work to supply you with the best options.

 they will get you back to your house or office if you’re locked out and perform a fast lock repair service.

 we will also repair and fit different locking mechanisms on doors and windows that demand unusual solutions.

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24hr Locksmith service call us

Emergency 24/7 Lock repair service

In case of a burglary, besides replacing your locks, our locksmiths also can repair a burgled door and supply you with estimates on extra security like gates, security grilles, CCTV, alarms, etc…


The locksmiths in London at Auto Pro Locksmith features a large stock of each quite lock available in their cars or with our suppliers. We stock deadlocks, UPVC door locks, rim locks, window locks, garage locks, mechanical locks, digital locks, and more .


We carry out lock repair or installations to urge you the simplest cheapest solutions to satisfy your desires and your home security needs.

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London Lock Repair Service

If a lock repair service is required, it might be possible to estimate the value over the phone.


If you see the lock, we may ask you for few details like the lock type and sort to offer you as accurate quote as possible. additionally to the value we’ll give an estimate of the time required for a technician to arrive and for the work to be completed.


We recommend that you simply use only insurance-approved locks for a lock repair service of mortice or Sash locks on front house doors. Locks for house use can have different levels of security.

Lock Repair Service & How To Repair Lock

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Inside locks are pins, levers or wafers, which are depressed to the right level or position by an appropriate key.

If the pins or levers are damaged and start to point out signs of wear and tear or don’t function properly, the old key will have difficulties operating them and hence would make opening the lock a source of normal hassle: 

this is often when a key or a lock repair service are necessary.

Making a replacement key for an existing lock is understood as re-keying. Re-keying are often a less expensive solution than repairing your lock with a replacement one, though it’s generally used once you have already got a lock with an equivalent key or have the necessity for a lock during a passkey system to be changed.