House lockout Services

  • lost house keys
  • locked out house with the key inside the lock
  • locked out of the house no key
  • emergency house lockouts 
  •  after hours
  • key won’t turn in the lock 
  • broken lock
  • Broken Key

Reasons To Call Us if locked out of house

What Should I do if I’m locked out of my home?

  • don’t get stressed
  • find open window
  • call landlord
  • think if neighbours have a spare key
  • close friend
  • call locksmith

How Much Should I Pay if I Got Locked Out?

The quote for a basic house opening is 59£ pounds! this price is including travel fees and work. the price to get the door unlocked sometimes depend on how many locks need to be unlocked. if there is more than one lock so the price will increase. We take any kind of payment, even billing! 

When Should The Locksmith Be In My Location?

after you call +44 7520 665904 And gave us your house address. we are working in the same way as Uber and find you the nearest technician that is nearby to your location in London UK to come unlocking your house or flat door lock.

 So it can take up to 20 minutes. In emergency lockout service cases we give you priority to get you inside your property. 

Are You Going To Damage My Door Lock In The Progress Of The Lockout?

locksmiths in London can pick the locks or swipe a door unlocking paper to get it open.
If the lock won’t open so the last thing is to drill the lock after we tried all other options (before we damage the lock we must tell you and want to mention that it happen 3%) cause our locksmiths have been in professional locksmith courses. Even after we damage the lock you get the same lock as you had before with a pair of new keys so it will match to the door style. 

How Long Take You To Unlock It?

its very depend on the situation but in 95% of the lockouts its up to 10 minutes.