Locked Out Of House, Flat Or Apartment

are you locked out of house, flat or apartment? Get A Fast residential Locksmith To Your Door Step Within 20 – 30 Minutes in London. don’t worried we got your back. Auto Pro Locksmith dealing with house lock out every day. we located on have house local locksmiths in the greater London. if you lost house keys, need to open your home or locked outside your apartment and you need emergency technician we send you a mobile equipped professional technician to open your door with no time. call our quick locksmiths now.

locked out of house

trust me my friend you are not the first one that got himself locked out of house. there are many people that find themselves in lock outs situations cause or they have: lost key, broke key, don’t have spare keys in London. that’s why our Auto Pro London Locksmith are here for you 24 hours.

 we have house locksmiths technicians for any emergency house solutions in east, north, west and south London. we know that you need to get in fast to your flat so we cover all the area.

 just call 07520665904 and tell us your emergency location and we send you the next close technetium near you. our lock-outs best locksmiths are professional with fair cost for any pocket. 

we can open any residential or commercial, no matter it it basement, home, flat, or bedroom. to get locked out can be stressful. please be calm until the locksmith come to you. 

How Long It Takes To open Door If You Are Locked Out?

many people not sure how much time take to open apartment door lock. so its very depend on the type of the lock that you have. many door locks are easy but sometimes when its a high security lock we need to drill and replace with new one. high security lock cant be picked or open with cards that’s why the work takes longer (23-30 minutes). 

What To Do To Make Sure Lockout Wont Happen Again

if you don’t want to find yourself locked out again out of you house we collect all you need to do: first don’t panic. hide extra key somewhere people cant find or someone you trust. check pockets when living the house. have deep pockets. 

what to do when locked out of flat

everything you need to know about home open doors AND LOCKOUT services in London

How do you get in Your apartment if you locked yourself out?

1. best thing is don't panic and think carefully 2. check your pockets
3. try to think if you have any spare door key: family, neighbors, friends or partners.
4. check if your landlord have keys.
5. find any open window or any hole or gap somewhere.
6. call a 24 hour locksmiths near you

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How do you unlock a Flat door without a key?

1. insert thin paper in the cylinder gap to unlock it. 2. damage the cylinder and take screwdriver to open it.
3. lock picking with your hand if locked out.
4. drill the lock for unlocking.
5. use a bump key to unlock without damage.
6. call a professional trustworthy locksmith expert.

How much does a locksmith cost to unlock my house?

in general we have the cheapest prices in London to unlock any house, apartment, flat, complex or basement doors so the cost is very cheap. check our pricing page. the price may change due to the difficulty of the locks. some residential are very hard to open so it goes up.

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What do burglars use to get in houses?

1. lock pic shear line 2. papers 3. air jack pump 4. tension tool 5. paper clips


Can a locksmith unlock a apartment lock without breaking it?

some locks are high security and the only way to open is by drilling the lock and make new lock installation. it doesn't matter if the locksmith is 11 years in the locksmith service industry or if he is the best expert. in the other wat some locksmiths take advantage the knowledge that they have to drill any deadbolt lock they see.


How do i prove to a locksmith it's my apartment?

1. proof of identity
2. pictures in the phone
3. mail
4. neighbors
5. describe you r interior residential
6. residence cards
7. piece of code


How do you unlock a lock easily?

hold the cylinder with plaits very strong. and play left and right until the lock snaps for 2 broken parts and later you will have a hole inside.

Why Should You Call Our 24 hour trustworthy Emergency locksmiths Experts when locked out?

Auto Pro Locksmith is in the emergency residential lock out in London for 9 years and we have best technician and the best mobile tools for each service. best thing you should know that we carry with us large verity of locks so you can choose what is most secure for your door and security. 

our professional house locksmith can open 90% from all the doors in London with lock picking or bump key and with out any damage to your door lock. 


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Emergency Flat Lock out

It’s easy to make common mistakes like locking ourselves out of our own homes because of our busy daily schedules and the constant distractions of everyday life. After all, we’re people.
Locking yourself out of your apartment is a slight annoyance that can cause you to be late for work, for example. If small children or pets are locked inside, yet, the situation may be even more serious. Don’t get too worked up if you misplace your keys or lock them inside your flat. 
You have many other choices for returning inside and without causing damage to your property by breaking in through a window or a door.
Make a phone call to a friend, a roommate, or a family member.
For cases like this, it’s a good idea to give a copy of your key to someone you trust. Give a copy of your flat key to a trusted neighbor for safekeeping. Choose someone who is responsible and is available to assist in an emergency (not someone who travels ).

It should be simple to call a roommate, friend, or family

member who has a copy of your key and ask if they will let you into the building. If you don’t have access to your cell, ask a neighbor or a local business to lend you one.
Instead of panicking, keep your cool and consider the following choices.

Location of the Spare Key

Many people are hiding spare house keys around their homes for situations like this. While it’s not a good idea to hide your key in well-known hiding places like the front doormat or under a potted plant (see our article on Common Home Security Fails for more info), there are safer solutions to securely hide keys such as outdoor key safes, fake rocks designed to hold back keys, and other smarter alternatives.

Other Access Points Should Be Double-Checked

Is there a chance that a back door, a side door, or a window will be left open? Don’t try to get back in by breaking the window, because you could potentially hurt yourself, and repairs can be expensive. Only enter through a window or other door if you can open it safely from the outside. Does your back door have a doggie door for your pets? If you can squeeze through it, you’re going to be in!
If you have access to a toolkit, you may be able to get inside by removing a doorknob on doors that don’t have deadbolts. Check to see if there are any screws on your door knob or a plate which can be removed by a screwdriver.

Contact a Licensed Locksmith

If none of the above options work for you, you can always call for licensed locksmith services. The fastest, simplest, and quickest way to regain access to your home or car is to call a locksmith. our technicians qualified and trained in the most up-to-date locksmith technology, and we’re still available when you need us.
Call your local locksmiths, and we’ll get you back inside your home as soon as possible with our quick, professional, and dependable service.

5 Ways to Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Home Ever Again

We’ve all been in that situation before. You’re running out the door, slamming it shut behind you, and as soon as you hear it close, you remember you forgot to take the keys
A split second of inattention has turned into a massive waste of time and resources. Unlocking houses for people who have been locked out is one of the most common things I have to do as a locksmith, and it’s never a fun situation. So today I’m going to give you a few pointers on how to never get locked out of your flat again.

1. Replace your doorknob with one that does not need a key

This is, in my view, the most critical tip, and it is always overlooked. The only way to get locked out of your house is to lock the doorknob from the inside and leave your house without a key (unless you lose your key outside). Doorknob for the passage When we leave the house for a minute to do something outside, we don’t always know it’s closed, and when we return, we’re locked out. By replacing our front door door lock with a key-less door lock, the only way to lock the house is to use a key to lock the deadbolt from the outside, ensuring that you never lose it. Omit protection, though having two locks on the door is preferable to having one, the door knob adds nothing to the security of our home as compared to the deadbolt, which is the more safe of the two. If you’re concerned about compromising your home’s safe, simply add another deadbolt to the door. With two deadbolts and a keyless doorknob, you’ll be safe from burglars as well as being locked out. Obviously, if your door only has a doorknob (and no deadbolts), this approach would not work.

2. Instead of a key, conceal a lock box

To avoid being locked out, many people keep a key outside their house. If they ever get locked out of Lock Box, the key is accessible outside. This is, in some ways, a positive solution. Most burglaries do not need forced entry, which can surprise you. So, how do burglars gain access? That’s right, they’ve discovered the secret key. Burglars are well-versed in all the Hide-a-key options available, as well as the most popular locations where people hide their keys; after all, they do it for a living.

3. Give a key to a neighbor or a family member who lives nearby.

Do you have a neighbor you can depend on? Do you live near your parents? It’s fine! Make use of them! Your living lockbox may be a trustworthy neighbor. Giving your neighbor a key is a smart way to guarantee that you have a backup key in case you forget or lose yours. But keep in mind that doing so is only a good idea if you know the individual well and have complete faith in them. A neighbor with a key is useful not only in the event that you become locked out, but also in the event that you need help with something in the house while you are away, such as a flood or a gas leak. Only make sure you’re locked out only when your neighbors aren’t around.

4. Keep a spare key to the apartment in the car

Only if you keep your house and car keys apart can this work. Keeping your house and car keys apart will help you avoid being locked out of both. Keep a spare car key in the house and a spare house key in the car. You will never be shut out of one of the two as long as you have one of them. When you divide your single key chain into two separate keys, there’s a lower risk you’ll forget to take both, because you’ll still have access to the other if you have one. Yet, there is a significant disadvantage to that approach, which necessitates extra caution if you want to use it.

5. Replace your old locks with smart locks

If you’re willing to invest a little more money, there’s another choice that might be perfect. A smart lock is one that can be opened without requiring the use of a key. Smart locks are available in a variety of Schlage Keypad configurations. Keypad combination locks, fingerprint locks, and even eye-scanning locks are some of the most common. Make sure the lock you choose is high-quality and safe by doing some research on which one best suits your needs. A smart lock on your door would remove the need for a key while still protecting your home from intruders.