Your front door locks can be changed by rekeying or replacing them. Learn how you can find a locksmith to help with front door lock replacement.

Your home is only as secure as how well you lock it. You may need a front door lock replacement to curb security threats.  Other times, you would see a need to change the locks because you’ve had the current ones on your doors for some time. 

There are several ways to accomplish proper replacement of the front door lock by an experienced locksmith for best security. If replacing your front door lock is something you’re considering, stay with us and read on. We’ll help you understand when it’s essential to have the replacement done and how to find the best locksmith for the job.

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House Lock Change Service In London, UK

If you’re looking for the most reliable locksmith services in London and ready to pay an affordable rate from 25£, you can get more than just a front door lock replacement. our team of residential locksmiths working round the clock to ensure you are well attended to. all you need to do is type in google “locksmith near me” or “locking systems London” and click on us to get you the best cost effective solutions by professional locksmiths for door lock service.

A London Auto Pro locksmith can do so much for you. we have 12+ years of experience which makes them the best master locksmiths association in London. Additionally, they are certified locksmiths which confirms their authenticity.

If you need replacement front door locks, you’ve been locked outside your house or your car and are in need of an emergency service, a 24-hour lock change locksmith in London is available to help you. 

To get professional locksmith help, you must provide a valid ID, where you live, and a fixed property address where the locksmith can reach you by calling them. 

Signs it’s time to change your front door lock

Your key doesn’t work.

If you’ve used your keys too long, they tend to lose their strength to hold longer to door locks. If you notice your key no longer works as it used to, it’s a sign that you need to change front door locks to get a new set of keys. 

You can feel play in the cylinder.

A cylinder with a play feeling can cause problems when locking and unlocking your door. In a worst-case scenario, you may be successful at closing your front door but unsuccessful at opening it due to the condition of the cylinder. If you are locked out of your house, a locksmith can help fix the situation within minutes. 

The finish is worn or damaged.

If the finish of your front door lock is worn out or damaged, it’s a clear indication that you need to do a quick front door lock replacement. The longer you use a worn-out lock, the higher the chances of locking yourself outside your premises. 

The latch doesn’t catch properly.

Perhaps your toddler ruthlessly pulled the lever off the door while they were playing. It makes it challenging to get the key in or out. You need to contact a locksmith in London near you to do a lock replacement for your front door. 

The door is sticking.

A sticking door is risky as you can unexpectedly lock yourself inside or outside the house. It’s a sign that your lock is worn out and needs an immediate replacement. 

How do you choose the right type of lock for your front door?

Determine the door thickness

Considering the door thickness ensures that the front door lock you choose to replace is compatible with your door.

Consider the type of door trim.

While a door trim is not always a necessary part of your front door, ensure that it goes well in terms of compatibility with your front door lock if you must have it. Compatibility makes taking a key in and out access. 

Choose the right finish.

Ensure that choosing the finish, you have durability in mind. Door locks with chrome finishes will serve you longer.

Think about the style of the door hardware

Ensure that the door hardware is not just there to enhance the appearance of your door but also the functionality of your door locks. 

Determine the backset

Measure the backset accurately to ensure that the door lock fits perfectly, which will enhance the performance of the front door locks. 

Consider smart locks

Smart locks are an excellent investment, especially for your front door, as they will alert you whenever your door opens and closes. This is great in ensuring that security is always in check. 

Six factors to keep in mind when replacing your front door lock in London

  • Choose the correct type of lock for your front door
  • Ensure that the thickness of your door accommodates the lock you intend to have installed
  • Let the finish of your front door adjust the new lock replacement for your front door
  • Your door’s backset should be an equal measure with the new front door lock
  • The type of keypad
  • The front door’s hardware

What are the different types of front door locks?

Getting a new lock for your front door is more secure than rekeying your front door. Below are the different types of front door locks; 

Benefits of replacing your front door lock

  • Your door is more advanced technologically, especially with smart locks. 
  • Your front door has an enhanced appearance as the new locks make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • The entry is easier to open and close.
  • There’s increased security.

Lock Change, Replacement & Fitting – Auto Pro Locksmith Services

When a lock change emergency locksmith is needed for a replacement front door lock for your house, they can install the replacement door locks. If the lock is defective, you may need the replacement of a defective lock. When you move house, you need to lock all the doorways. Are there door locks that can be locked? keep in mind that a professional locksmith is your safest and most secure way of replacing locks, get your lock repaired or installed.

Lock change process

Lock changes are services that most people contact our Auto Pro Locksmith for. the reasons are sometimes

  • Rim cylinder old key
  • Need security mortice locks
  • Mortice lock has broken latch
  • spare new house key
  • changing locks for the shop
  • client installing the wrong lock by mistake
  • change locks for buildings
  • change mortice lock for bedrooms
  • change locks for shades
  • change locks for hospitals
  • replacement doors locks for a new house
  • replacement lock for the door without a lock
  • replacing door locks for an upgrade
  • Security mortice lock
  • Replacement lock for your location

Steps for the lock change services in London

  1. Once you call our emergency locksmiths for lock change we will first ask what is the reason you want to get your lock change.
  2. Give you the best options you need to secure your property again.
  3. Let you know much does it cost to get your lock change.
  4. Once we agreed. our locksmiths will come anywhere you are in Greater London
  5. When a local locksmith is there he will ask for your ID (to know you own the place).
  6. Once the locksmiths detect the issue with the doors locks we will start the services.
  7. after we have done the services for the: lock change, lock repairs, replace locks or repair broken locks. you can pay by cash, card or bank transfer.


Whenever you need a replacement of your front door locks at affordable prices, you need the assurance of quality service from a reliable locksmith who is fully insured and compliant with all London health and safety regulations.

When a company assures you that their locks are the best price guaranteed with a money-back guarantee should the service not meet your expectation, you can rest assured that they’re more than just reliable. 

That is who Auto Pro Locksmith in London is. A company with DBS-approved locksmiths guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction with their exemplary work. If you want to change your front door locks, get house keys, replace the exterior door lock mechanism, upgrade your home security, by installing the right lock and need advice on the locks that suit your door, reach out to Auto Pro Locksmith today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Changing locks involves replacing or rekeying them, a service only a reliable locksmith in London can do perfectly. 

Both processes ensure that your old key will no longer be able to open the door. A professional locksmith should provide a written quote on how much a lock change will cost.

The average costs depend on the design of the lock and the material. The price includes services rendered by the locksmith, which range from £25 to £95. 

The price also depends on a few other features, including a high-end lock and unlock combo containing smart features.

If you know your way around a primary screwdriver, you should be able to complete a front door lock replacement in less than an hour. 

New locks come with complete instructions for the process of installation. In case of challenges, you can always contact the locksmith through their available hotlines while pursuing the lock change process.

Smart locks are an excellent investment for your home. They alert you when your door opens and closes, so you are always on the lookout for enhancing security in your home.

Installing a new exterior front door lock should take you 15 minutes or less. If you are mixing brands and using locks from different manufacturers, let your locksmith know this. 

It helps them come prepared with the necessary tools and gives them a chance to let you know, on average, how much time it will take.

It’s almost always easier to rekeying locks than to replace locks. The price is cheaper for key pin rekey because its just to change the tumbler inside but keep in mind that not all locks can be rekeyed.