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Change Door Lock| Locksmiths For Replacing Locks on Doors

Changing your locks often enhances the security of your premise, whether at home or the office. Read further to know where to find the best locksmiths for door locks. 

Whenever you change your premise, including your residential house or office, changing your locks is of utmost importance. You may not know how many copies of your current key or lock are flying around, so using the same lock is risky when you change the premise.

You need to be on the quest for a reliable locksmith who will not just change your lock but one who will be available when you need them, regardless of the time of day. 

In addition to lock replacement, the locksmith must be fully insured as proof of experience.  This way,  so you can be assured of their reliability. Read on to gain more insight on types of locks and how you can reach a reliable locksmith.

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The most common type of lock people use for their doors is keys. Keys are easy to use and unlock your doors when you’re in or out of your premise, and they are also part of an old tradition, including their principle and design. 

Below are types of locks you can use for door lock change whenever you need a locksmith. 

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Hinged door lock

You will find the hinged door locks in most British houses. The locks are simple to install, have a best-price guarantee, and have a high level of protection. If you’re looking for an affordable lock change in London, the hinged door lock would be an ideal choice. 

Hinged door locks are widely used because they can fit any door apart from being easy to install. 

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Mortice Lock

A mortice lock is another favorite for most people. If your premise has those high-security doors, you should consider installing the mortice lock. They have a long-lasting coat material on them. 

Mortice locks are more brutal to select due to their newer locking mechanisms. They lack exposed pins and tumblers. These locks are ideal if you’ve been locked out of your house and need a more secure lock. 

Mortice Lock London

Euro cylinder lock

The euro cylinder lock has several profiles, the favorite being the Euro profile. The locks are widely used in London, mainly on house doors. 

euro cylinder


The locks have bolts sliding into the flames. There’s key access on each side of the deadlock. These locks come fitted with the latest technology that prevents burglars from leaving your premise, as they do not have access to your doors. 

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Rim Cylinder Lock

Rim cylinders are fitted with a latch that makes the other side of your door operational. If your doors are double-sided and you feel it’s time you got more secure locks, you can reach Auto Pro Locksmiths for door lock repairs. 

Rim Cylinder Lock

Yale lock

The Yale lock will give you 100% customer satisfaction due to its compatibility with more types of doors. They’re leading in popularity in the London market. 

Not only does a locksmith who is compliant with all health and safety regulations avail themselves of your change lock on the door, but they also make sure to install it within a short time. 

Yale Lock London

Chubb Lock

Chubb lock means a deadlock case whose installation is done inside your door. The key used to operate comes in an old and traditional style. Installation can only be done by certified locksmiths fully insured to ensure a job well done. 

These locks match your door style, enhancing your house’s and commercial properties’ security. If you are changing your locks and need a locksmith in 25 minutes, you can rest assured that one will be available to do an excellent installation job for new locks on your doors. 


Getting locked out of your own house or office can be a nightmare, especially when not conversant with locksmiths and what they do. If you intend to move into a new building, you must replace the locks on your door. 

Auto Pro Locksmith services in London are present to ease any anxiety of key loss, lock damage, and anything to do with your doors. They have a team working around the clock (24 hours) with 12+ years of experience, fully insured, and all DBS-approved locksmiths. 

Getting your locks changed no longer has to be such a challenge. Reach out to Auto Pro locksmith today, where you get a money-back guarantee should the services fail and an assured 1-year warranty of all locks installed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of changing your door lock depends on the type of lock you are looking to install. On average, a certified locksmith will charge you anywhere between £100-£150 for a standard door lock change, while the cost of the Yale lock cylinder will be £120.

Always discuss with the locksmith the type of door you are looking to get the locks changed so they will advise on the proper locks and the average pricing.

The secret to finding quality locks for your doors is to find a reliable locksmith service. Here are a few steps to consider in choosing your locksmith. 

  • Timing- The best time to find a locksmith is after you move. Find a locksmith who is not limited by time and can avail themselves as soon as you contact them.
  • Verify the business- Before engaging a locksmith, ensure they are a DBS-approved locksmith fully insured and compliant with all health and safety regulations in London. You can rest assured that they are covered should anything happen while on the job. 
  • Ask for identification- Ask for the designation as soon as they arrive at your house and let them show you their Master Security License number.
  • Ask for a written estimate- The locksmith must review the work needed to be done and then share a written estimate with you. 
  • Pay via credit card- All businesses working legitimately only accept payments made via credit card.

Yes, a locksmith can change all locks to the same key. However, all locks must have been made by the same manufacturer. 

For example, if your is a Schlage lock, other locks that you want your locksmith to rekey must be from the same manufacturer to enhance compatibility.

If security is the main reason you have this question in mind, the answer would be to get new locks altogether. This enhances the security of your home and properties in your commercial business.

On average, a locksmith will cost you about £100. It depends on the kind of services you need, including the type of locks and the number of key copies. 

Other times, the locksmith will charge you depending on their availability during special occasions like weekends and holidays. Always request a written quotation before hiring.