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Despite their size and therefore the little attention people regularly dedicate to them, locks are one among the foremost essential pieces of hardware in any home.

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These small devices are responsible of keeping you and your belongings safe.  

it’s then always important to form sure you’ve got the simplest locks sets within the market, which they’re properly installed. And you’ll only buy door locks in London of the simplest quality with Auto Pro Locksmith

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The most common lock. people who use physical keys because the only thanks to unlock them. These follow centuries of tradition in their principles, but their design has improved greatly with the arrival of newer materials and assembly technologies.

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Hinged door lock

Hinged door lock is the foremost common sight in British houses due to their simplicity, their relative high protection level, and their affordability. Auto Pro Locksmith offers hinged lock of each type, and therefore the widest range of options. we’ve levers and knobs within the hottest finishes with top of its class cylinders. They suit almost any door thickness and lots of have the choice to use master keys, ideal for commercial or institutional environments. For main entryways, we recommend pairing knob and level lock sets with a deadbolt.

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Mortice Lock London
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Mortice Lock

Mortice lock also is a well-liked choice among those that install high-security doors. they’re highly durable and usually tons harder to bypass than regular hinged locks. Electronic lock sets have evolved greatly since their inception during the last century. But they also offer variety of benefits over their physical counterparts.

First off, they’re harder to select since many of the newer locking mechanisms don’t contains exposed pins and tumblers. they are available with complete access control systems that grant or restrict access counting on your specific needs. They also offer a spread of operational options for your convenience. Pay us a visit to find out more about our great selection of locks and security solutions at Auto Pro Locksmith.

euro cylinder Lock

euro cylinder London
euro cylinder
euro cylinder Lock

Cylinder Euro lock have several standardized profiles, a well-liked one among which, is that the Euro profile. The name should give you a reasonably clear indication of where they’re popular. Specifically, these lock is widely used throughout the London UK. The lock is mainly used on House doors. due to the standard of the lock a widely publicized weakness cause a rise in home burglary within the UK. due to their security issues Euro cylinders aren’t commonly used for businesses. This weakness exists due to the cross-sectional nature of the Euro profile. Other cross-sectional profiles include Swiss and British oval profile.


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This is a lock that features a bolt that slides into the frame and can’t be opened by sliding tool into the door frame (sometimes even picking a deadlocks can take all night). A double deadlock has key access on each side . this is often also one among the easy lock against burglars and prevents them from leaving your home if they broke into your home through a window they can’t carry anything out the front door without the key. Most home insurance companies would require locking system as a compulsory clause for your property to be covered by insurance.

Rim Cyilinder Lock

Rim Cylinder Lock
Rim Cylinder London
Rim Cylinder

Rim Lock is cylinder with a tale that operates a latch on the other side of your door. they’re hottest with interior doors and sheds or gates. With some rim lock, the key will work from both of the lock and with some only from the surface. The locks are used for double side doors.

Yale Lock

Yale Lock
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Yale lock is mentioned standard  door lock but Yale is a brand that has lock that is compatible with more Types of doors like aluminum doors and UPVC doors. they’re the foremost popular locks on the market. They utilize Rim cylinders, which may be a specific sort of deadbolt that’s attached with screws on the door and contains a case with a latch on the within of the house and a rimed cylinder with a keyhole on the frame.

Chubb Lock

This name refers to a deadlock case that’s installed within the inside the door. it’s operated with an extended old traditional style key and on the door surface where this lock is installed you’ll sometimes see a little round key hole cover which will show the brand name are of the very well lock, met to extend security for house and commercial property. Like Yale rim lock this locking system are often used with one key that works on all doors and/or with an electronic key less entry method.