We provide comprehensive locksmithing services for your ford to solve almost any issue. We can fix the keys to the ford if you have any questions. The most important thing about our business plan is to bring them right to your place where they are and can do it fast. The ford Key Repair and Replacement Service are guaranteed for one year and the whole service will have 100% refund if the customer is not satisfied. Customer service is a priority and we try to ensure that you receive the finest customer service we can provide.

Ford models auto locksmith make car keys

  • Replacement ford focus keys
  • Replacement ford transit key

And many more models.

What should I do if my ford key is broken?

If your ford car keys are lost or broken please call us immediately to avoid any extra expenses and hassle. Instead, you can phone us and we will send you an emergency crew to get you there. Our technicians and auto locksmiths are professional and qualified and can provide an extensive service. Their knowledge of all aspects and technical details and the various ford models and their technologies is a must for any car enthusiast. They will take your van wherever you go with the best equipment in the business.

Ford replacement keys & Repair Services

  • Replacement ford keys 
  • A spare key for ford 
  • Ford key programming
  • Recover stolen keys for ford 
  • Remote new key 
  • Ford central locking installation 
  • Ford transponder chip
  • New ford transit key
  • Key fob repair
  • Fix car key
  • Ford car key cut
  • Ford van keys cut near me

How do ford keys work?

As time passes, technologies move forward, and car keys become more advanced and sophisticated than we had imagined. Unfortunately, this makes replacement keys even more costly. Depending on your car keys, the cost of replacement may be outrageous for some people. It’s because both keys and cars use patented technology to keep the cars protected. Following 1995 almost every automobile was equipped with immobilisers which remain in operation.

We come to you to replace your ford keys

Our auto pro locksmith technicians are on call within a couple of hours of the call. The tools they pack into their van can usually help with resolving your key lock problem while you are waiting. All staff members use equipment that lets them cut out keys and program software from ford in minutes. Auto locksmith invests in new toolkits and dealer software in our efforts to remain completely updated on the latest developments.

Need spare Ford keys? Are your keys still required? 

We’ll come to you at home or work to offer quick, comfortable service. Does my FB not work with the Land Rover? Several Land Rover fobs including Freelanders are sealed and cannot be broken. It’s necessary for us to find another key for that.

Why choose our ford replacement key services 

Yours should choose our expert team to replace your ford key and not the ford dealership cause with us you will save more money. Our auto locksmith provides excellent service using dealer lever software and cuts and programs your ford key onsite in less than an hour. Our friendly team will come on the same day. 

customer support

Best price

Emergency Ford services


How much does it cost to replace a Ford key UK?

The most popular ford remotes prices vary between £150 and £250.50. You could be locked away in your vehicle and never able to access that car. Don’t allow that to happen to you – You should get spare vehicle keys.

Can a locksmith make a key for a Ford?

Ford keys service There are two possibilities for replacing your ford key. You can find the dealer in person or contact a locksmith. Whichever method you use has the end result. And you should choose us to make the ford key. 

Can you start a Ford without a key?

With the brakes or clutch pedals on, press the STOP/Stop button when the engine is triggered. If the car starts, you can use an automatic keypad.

How does Ford keyless entry work?

The Keyless Entry System in Ford can be easily activated by pulling the lever. When your car is detected with a remote keyless key that automatically locks the doors when the door opens. The exterior light will blink once.

How much does it cost to program a replacement ford key?

The key fob is normally programmed in a PC. Costs of ford programming keys can generally range between 65 and 140. Key fobs or a remote fob is a typical car accessories nowadays.

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