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Yale Smart Lock

Not much can be upgraded on the smart key in Yale, but the company continues and tweaks the original to make it smaller and easier to use. The smart key Wi-Fi Yale is 45 percent smaller than the original, so it is less unanimous on your door, and now has a default Wi-Fi, so you don’t need to install the bridge Connect Yale to connect your key your home network.
All we likes about pro Yale is here: a simple installation process, features such as door sense (which allows you to know if your door has left a teacher), and interoperability with various other smart home systems, from Alexa to Google Assistant to Xfinity. And, Wi-Fi Yale lets you use the key from the existing Deadbolt.

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Schlage Plus

With a plus safe locked, the only key you need is your finger; One touch to the fingerprint reader on the right side of the key unlocked. You can also open the door by entering code, and cleverly, the touch screen keypad shifts the numbers around, so the thief cannot guess your code by looking at the finger stain.
Another unusual feature is that the plus safe is the key lever; Most smart keys are deadbolts. However, Locky Secure Plus does not support other smart home systems. For that, you will need a $ 70 Wi-Fi adapter, or for Spring for $ 299 Lock Secure Pro, a separate model with default Wi-Fi which allows it to connect to Alexa and Google Home.


Kwikset Premis

Kwisket premise is one of the best smart keys for homepuit users, because it is easily integrated with Apple’s smart home ecosystem. The premise allows you to enter the house using the button, code, or through your smartphone. Low profile keypad looks smart, but still offers the main option manual for luddites in your home. And, available in several styles and finishes.
HOMEKIT support means you can control it through Siri or Prem App. The latter also allows you to create a keycodes that provide limited access, such as allowing dog walkers during the day, but not at night. However, there is no support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Google, so you cannot check the key from your Amazon Echo.

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11. Wyze Smart Lock

Wyze made a name for itself by making many of the best cheap smart home devices. The Wyze smart lock is the company’s third product, and is very good—and very cheap—too.
The Wyze smart lock was easy to set up and even easier to use, and integrates well with Wyze’s other products. However, as of our review, it had yet to support any other smart home systems, such as Alexa and Google Assistant, which limits its usefulness.


3. Schlage Encode

If someone tries you to ruin your key, a hard alarm is a good deterrent. Schlage Encode is our choice for the best smart lock with alarms, because it will issue earsplitting sirens in burglary efforts.
As well as a great combination of manuals, keycode code and remotely controlled keys, Schlage Encode supports Amazon’s main service, which allows Amazon delivery people to open the door when they arrive and place your package in the house. That feature makes them tend to be stolen. The Amazon key does require a compatible security camera, which costs additional costs. The key supports Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can integrate it with your smart home system easily, but there is no support for the Apple homecide.

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