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Vw Car Key Replacement

VW replacement car keys in most cars are based on a small transponder chip in the backside plastic that covers the metal portion of the key. The chips communicate via radio signals that are received in the ignition – the key to which the vehicle’s ignition keys are pressed into. The chip should function properly for starting and driving the vehicle. The chip is intended to protect the vehicle against theft and requires skilled personnel with knowledge and experience to program the Transponder key if the keys are stolen. 

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Volkswagen car keys Services by auto locksmiths

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Do all VW cars start the same way?

Volkswagen vehicles with a plate or above are equipped with automatic immobilisers which can block the vehicle from recharging without keying it in the proper place. The immobilizing device activation is done using an embedded chip that has been embedded into its key head. Some earlier model versions (T plates and upwards) use the same immobiliser system in conjunction with dashboard clocks. We use critical readers in car locks to read the VW vehicles’ wafer depth. Then we can easily change the keys without the need for locking.

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Contact Volkswagen auto locksmiths for a Replacement Key

Our Auto locksmith network includes Volkswagen Dealerships in London. We’re ready to assist you in finding your new Volkswagen Key. Our experts know how hard losing keys can feel and it is even worse to lose your keys. As a result we will try every effort to make sure the Volkswagen car keys are replaced as quickly as possible. Remember we will need a valid purchase confirmation as well as identification.

It’s an emergency Volkswagon keys

How far are we from this? Did you lose your keys? Broken keys? Are doors tangled? What’s wrong with the fuel pump? There is no requirement for booking appointments. just give us a call and we be there ASAP. We’ve been waiting for the emergency services for over 20 minutes for London residents. The best Volkswagen locksmiths in London offer a wide selection of tools to suit any vehicle. We’ll take your immobilizer and your 4-digit keycode to your immobiliser before we start your new car’s operation.

What does a Volkswagen key replacement really involve?

Volkswagen vehicles have keys and are difficult to replace. It is required special equipment to allow the locksmith to create a unique four-digit security code. The codes allow the key to program a car; VW dealers call it a Secret Keycode. But let me assure you it’s the secret! A skilled car locksmith that handles a VW car key replacement problem will have the knowledge of cutting new keys and programming transponders on the automobile. A new set of remote control devices is necessary for the re-installation of centralized locking devices.

VW Car Key Cutting & Programming Service – VW car key replacement near me

Our Volkswagen dealers can also reprogram your replacement key and install them on your vehicle. Costs for these services are often different depending on the type of keys you have. If you call or email me, we will get your quote in a short call.

The newer VW models of the Volkswagen keys have an immobiliser system built in and some of the models have separate immobiliser box. Once the engineer arrived in case of a lost VW car key he will gain access to the car and check if the VW car key needs to be programmed to the vehicle. Please note that in earlier VW models there is no need to make key programming by an auto locksmith. VW replacement key near Stratford, London

If the key need to get programmed the auto locksmith will delete the old stolen VW existing key from the immobiliser with his programmer by typing a secret key code and adding a new VW remote key to the immobiliser system so the key will start the car.

In fewer VW models the programming is litter different since to program the VW key auto locksmith will need to take out the dashboard clocks to sync the key. That process takes longer and might be more expensive. 

Spare VW Volkswagen key – Volkswagen key cutting service near me

If you only need a spare key, the progress is faster since the auto locksmith doesn’t need to do everything from scratch. He will just take the existing VW key cut it and clone it with a special programmer. Keep in mind that an auto locksmith will not start to make the new car key without the registered owner of the car and logbook. 

The client can decide if he wants a manual VW key or a VW key fob with a central locking system.


There are no standard key-sets – different models require different types of keys from manual keys to remote keys. Whatever Volkswagen model you own, we have the perfect key to replace your car key whenever something unintentional happens. You’ll be no problem with the costs and inconveniences of taking an old VW key to your local VW dealer if the key gets lost and we will get the vehicle repaired in an hour for you.

VW locksmith will be the only cheaper but mobile as well and can give you verities of Volkswagen key services that a dealer can’t give. For example, if you locked the VW key inside the car mobile VW auto locksmith can come to you and get the key out with no damage to the frame. If a lost VW key the vehicle locksmith for Volkswagen can make a new key on the same day on the spot, if you need a spare VW key, program or just repair or any other vital problems, the VW auto locksmith can cut the key blade and program the key. 

How much does it VW replacement key cost uk?

Replacing door lock £95 – £140
A new key for Volkswagen cars is £95 – £350
Vehicle broken key extraction £65 – £120
VW vehicle service for emergency lockout £65 – £120
Ignition key problems if key won’t turn £175 – £260
Replacement VW key battery £35 – £60
VW spare key £89 – £250

Can you program a VW key yourself?


How do I get a replacement VW car key?

On a Volkswagen official website, he recommends speaking to your local Volkswagen dealership or perhaps where you bought this car. You must have your identification card and proof of ownership proving your identity / identification.

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