Life is hectic. As you focus on achieving in life, you forget your crucial security. Learn when to change your commercial locks. Auto Pro Locksmith can help. 

How secure your workplace is depends on how properly your lock system is. You can avoid a repeat of serious incidents such as theft if you pay more focus on your office lock system. 

If you are uncertain about how often you need to change your locks, you can always get advice from Autopro Locksmith, the best in the lock change London business. 

As a business owner, you must remain vigilant of anything that may threaten your business, especially security. 

Under What Circumstances Will You Require A  Lock Change?

When You Lose Your Office Keys

Some people take losing their office keys lightly. The quick thing to do would be an apparent key replacement, and business will proceed. What if you took a more severe measure? Change the lock and get a new key set to enhance the security of your premise. 

It helps protect valuable things in your offices, such as computers and essential documents necessary for your business continuity. 

When You Move To A New Office Space

Once you sign a contract successfully and move into your new space, consider getting a new set of keys. It helps guarantee that you are the only one with access to your office. The protocol is to write a lock change request and submit the same to your property manager for action. 

If your office space is rented, it is essential to let the property know of your intention to change the locks. Consider changing the locks depending on the space’s conditions. 

When Your Staff Resigns

When one of your staff decides to leave the organization, it is important to consider changing your office locks. It is not necessarily out of suspicion, but it is better safe than sorry, as the saying goes. 

Changing your locks means securing your premise and valuable items and not having to suspect the staff who has left in case anything goes missing. 

When A Stranger Has Access To Your Keys

Some instances result in people we are not well acquainted with having access to your keys. They are strangers and should not have access to your premise whatsoever. To avoid losing valuable items in your office, change the locks immediately if you suspect that a stranger may have your keys. 

When You Lend Your Office Key To A Contractor

In some cases, your office may need a few repairs. When you get in touch with a contractor for the repairs, you need to lend them your office key. It is not guaranteed that the contractor may come back and leave with your valuables; however, to ensure that everything is safe, it is only essential to ensure you change the locks after their work is done. 

When You Experience A Break-In 

Burglary is inevitable, and you should not blame yourself for people accessing your premise. Once the incident of theft happens, consider changing your locks immediately. Ensure that you use more substantial locks from Autopro Locksmith. 

In many cases, thieves will always want to return to a premise they found valuables in. You do not want to give them a second chance. Once bitten, twice shy. Ensure you get quality commercial locks to avoid recurrent issues of theft. 

When Your Locks Suffer, Wear And Tear

Your commercial locks will not stay new forever. They will begin to wear and tear over time, making them weak. As a result, it becomes effortless to break into your premise and leave with valuables. 

AutoPro Locksmith is a team that can help you get quality commercial locks. Quality translates to durability. You can use their locks for your office for more extended periods. 


Changing your commercial locks from time to time is both tedious and expensive. It gets frustrating when there are recurrent issues that result in getting locks every other time. When getting a commercial lock for your organization, you must know what you are paying for. Have you heard of 

Have you heard of the AutoPro Locksmith? They are known for selling the best commercial locks. Engaging them will bring your lock problems to an end. 

What you need is a lock that will last long and assure you the safety of your office and the valuables inside. Look no further because this team will get you there. Contact them today for the best commercial locks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial locks are mainly found in buildings containing businesses, offices, and areas that often have high traffic. Compared to other average locks, these locks tend to have a higher durability feature and are thus preferred for commercial premises.

The amount of money spent on changing your lock will depend on the type of lock you are looking for. Mainly, the cost ranges from $85-$110. Whenever you need a commercial lock change, ensure you have set enough budget aside. 

It helps you purchase and install the best, especially from the Autopro Locksmith London team.

If you are looking for a security feature for your commercial locks, look out for the knob locks. They are common and are a feature that heightens the security you are looking for in your organization. The lock cylinder can be found in the knob and not on the door.

Different people will refer to commercial locks using different terms but still mean the same thing. When looking for these locks, you can call them key-in lever or key-in knob sets. Different vendors will understand what you are looking to buy and proceed to supply you with the best.

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