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Adams Rite Deadbolt – Installed or Repaired

Security is one of the foremost important things a business can have. This includes ensuring all doors are properly protected. Our company, Auto Pro Locksmith, focuses on all Adams Rite deadbolt models and other door hardware products, offering superior protection for any commercial enterprise.

Why Call Us?

We serve the London Area and everyone in surrounding areas with superior products for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Adams Rite deadbolt models conform to the world organization for Standardization, which suggests focusing on the security of high-quality commercial door repair and installation. commercial technicians are highly trained deadbolts installed by a commercial locksmith.

There is a variety of various sorts of Adam Rite door locks. this suggests our company can install one which will suit your particular situation. and offer superior security in any establishment.

Established in 2002, our company is pleased with its many satisfied customers who are using the high-quality commercial deadbolts that we’ve installed. in case you want to buy a lock in London we are the best in the business.

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Stupidly I lost my car keys in the parking area near to the shopping mall but Auto Pro Locksmith offered me an excellent car key service to lock out my car……..Excellent.
I had a great experience with an auto-pro locksmith. I couldn’t start my car and he repair the barrel lock and gave me a great deal. thank you for your help.
Eilan Azulay
Excellent and professional job. Efficient and quick, any inquiries that I have got the sort it in a good manner. Definitely, if I got another issue I will call him back.
Jaime Martin de la Leona Hidalgo

We offer the subsequent to our customers:

  • commercial deadbolts Top-quality
  • Highly trained and courteous personnel
  • Unbeatable rates
  • 24 hour locksmith service, three hundred and sixty five days a year
  • Maintenance programs
  • Qualified Locksmith London Technicians available to help with questions
  • Full warranty
  • Mobile service
  • Installation, replacement, repair of Adams Rite hardware

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  • Adams Rite Deadlatch

As a security professional, you’ll likely be called bent work on aluminium storefronts. Most locksmith services on storefronts involve the subsequent three tasks:

  • Rekeying the lock cylinders
  • Repairing locks and other accessories
  • Installing upgrades, typically for electronic access control

Adams Rite Deadbolt Repairs Service

  • Repairs may involve any of the hardware found on storefront doors. While storefronts are metal, they’re usually aluminium which may be a relatively soft and tool-able material. On the opposite hand, the bracing, the size of the extrusions, and therefore the presence of sheet glass create additional degrees of difficulty and concern when repairing or performing locks upgrades.
  • Storefronts are usually exposed to the weather, on street level, heavily trafficked openings, and are poorly maintained. Some locksmiths have designated mechanics for their door work since door repairs go better with a two-man team because doors are heavy and cumbersome. for several repairs, the door must be far away from the opening for servicing.
  • The dispatcher should ask enough inquiries to determine if the task at hand may be a one-person re-key or lock repair, a two-man pivot or *concealed closer replacement.
  • While lock shops wish to offer a coffee flat trip rate so as to be competitive, door work takes longer than a re-key, and one person may encounter problems which can mean delaying the repair and requiring a further vehicle, or a vehicle with a two-man crew. 
  • Setting your flat rate too low puts you in competition with yourself, and impairs your employees’ ability to try to do the knowledgeable job. Successful lock shops have a separate trip and hourly rate for a door team….Adams Rite Deadbolt!

We Have Two Man Crew Team At Your Service

A two-man crew can contain one mechanic with door repair experience and another mechanic who may be a good listener and follows directions. the great listener will hopefully soon gain enough experience and self-worth that he or she will negotiate the issues related to storefront doors. By employing a trainee you narrow your labour overhead for the trip too.

Today Adams Rite Deadbolt designs manufactures and markets door and door hardware products to the commercial, industrial and institutional building housing industry. Product lines include electromagnetically deadlocks and deadlatches, electric strikes and exit devices for exterior and interior doors also as integrated door assemblies. 

Adams Rite Deadbolt products are designed to enrich the clean lines of recent doors, while at an equivalent time meeting safety and access codes.

We Have Two Man Crew Team At Your Service