Cutting And Programming Car Key Service In London

  • years of speciality experience
  • daily basis work
  • high-quality car keys
  • quality transponder key
  • affordable locksmith
  • car’s basic warranty
  • cheaper price
  • fastest arrival
  • maximum potential 

Verification Process Before The Automotive Key Cut Cutting Services

  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • the original owner of the car
  • driver license
  • insurance
  • tell me about your issue 

How Do I Get A Spare Car Key Cutting Near You In London?

so you are wondering if you should take your auto to the dealership. so the answer is… no. the dealer is the most costly solution you are going to find in London, and yes! this is a fact!
more and more clients that we see in each day tells us that we the locksmiths have much more cheaper price then the dealership.
so your answer for how do you get copy spare key for your car is with Auto Pro Locksmith. we will give you your copy car key estimate on the phone before the arrival.

Can A Locksmith Program A Car Key Near Me?

yes. locksmiths can program automobile keys. the progress to car key cutting is not only to cut it with laser cutting machine, the progress is a bit longer then that.
first we use a lishi tool to measure the cuts from the door lock or the ignition barrel and see the depths of the key wafers so we can measure the cutting.
there is another way to get the cutting for your keys and its by purchasing a key code from company that certified for that.
the key codes process is requires from the locksmith less work but to buy the code cost extra money so locksmiths prefer to do it manual instead of wasting there money.
after the blank car key has been cut and can turn your door lock, ignition lock, boot lock and everything is good to go now its the last step to start the car by cutting a transponder key with remote key fob.
car keys have chips to prevent from burglars to steal the car with damage the ignition by turning the barrel with screwdriver. so the programming required expensive program equipment to sync your key to your vehicle for starting.

What Should I Choose Dealership Or Locksmith Expert Near Me?

that’s the most popular question client ask before they get a car key replacement. as me and you know we care about 2 things: 1. how much the price for the copy, replacement, remote, key fob or whatever? 2. does the key is original and I’m not going to stuck outside my house in the woods with non working car key.
now I’m going to cover this topic once and for all!
I asked a few people in London what the dealerships requirements after losing the car keys and that was the answer:
paid 150£ – 250£ for towing (cause the dealer is not mobile).
instead of waiting 3-5 days I have waited 7 days.
on the phone I have got quoted of 160£ to make the fob key and later I paid 340£ cause some excuses (once the car been towed you cant go back and cant negotiate).
after few month the remote stop working.
so in total is:
150 – 250£ car towing
340£ keys cutting & programming
lost 7 days of work cause I didn’t have a car. ££££
and all that for 1 car key replacement !!