Electric Strike Locks Service in London

Electric Strike Locks Installed, Replaced or Repaired

Electric strike locks are devices wont to control access in or out of certain doors. There are two types, the fail-safe, and therefore the non-fail safe. Both are often opened and locked through the utilization of electricity. 

An electric strike is Associate in Nursing access management device used for door frames. It replaces the mounted strike protection typically used with a latch (also called a keeper). 

sort of a mounted strike plate, it usually presents a ramped or beveled surface to the protection latch permitting the door to shut and latch similar to a set strike would.

 However, an electrical strike’s ramped surface will, upon command, pivot out of the means once the lock on the door is within the fast position and therefore the door is opened, permitting a user to pull/push the door to open it while not operational the mechanical lock or employing a mechanical key. 


once the door is opened past the keeper, the keeper returns to its normal position and re-locks once power is removed or applied, relying upon the strike’s configuration.

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