Replacement & Change Letterbox Locks


Have you been missing out on some mails? have you ever lost the keys to your mailbox,
Postbox and letterbox locks? These are cases that every owner handles at some point. You may lose the key to the mailbox permanently. Although most people have completely switched to email. Therefore, you still need your mailbox. The solution to lost or stolen mailbox keys is to replace the mailbox lock. so your email will be sent to you safely, and the mailbox lock is a factor and an opportunity if you have this kind of loss or loss. I must get an updated or copied key. 

Great experience. Fast and easy and expertly done copies of my keys. I have no complaints about their service!
I love it!!! The lock on my door locking great! Thank you so much for you service Dave I’ll call you for any locksmith service and recommend you to all my friends and family!

24 Hours Replace Mailbox Postbox and Letterbox

Replace mailbox locks London 24/7

We at Auto Pro Locksmiths in London concentrate on mailbox, postbox & letterbox locks and keys. Regardless of mailbox types, locking mechanism and key type, our Auto Pro locksmith will take care of you and consider all your wishes and ideas. Open all mailbox locks. We replace mailboxes and cylinders and create duplicate keys. Although it does not matter, you will also get a complete lock system with the first key, which will be changed or updated if necessary.

mailbox lock London

We received many calls from property managers and tenants who wanted to change the mailbox lock for security reasons. One of our reliable locksmiths can replace or repair any mailbox. Don’t change in order to reduce costs. If you want to change the lock, you only need to pay for labour and another lock. If you would like an informed statement about the status of London mailboxes locksmiths and please call us and send us an email or WhatsApp.

explanations behind getting your mailbox, postbox and letterbox locksmith:

1. Supplanting broken letter drop, postbox and letterbox.

2. Changing your letterbox, postbox and letterbox with another lock, mostly when moving to another level and need to keep your protection and security. Nobody needs to have strangers getting to their financial balance subtleties.

3. Putting new letterbox.

4. Removing broken keys from a letter drop, postbox and letterbox in shared structure or business building.

5. Fixing harmed letterbox, postbox and letterbox lock. This is certainly not a suggested alternative, as once the lock has mechanical issues, it will probably break again sooner rather than later. Someone constantly prescribed it to trade a harmed lock for another one. The new lock will keep going for a couple of good years without the problem of fixing it once more.

Great service !!!
Thanks for helping me in east London.
Ronen Nir


Yes, a locksmith can make keys for letterbox locks. The cost of making a key is £60.

The cost of replacing your bicycle lock is £75.

If you can’t find your mailbox keys, please call us for advice.

By picking or drilling the letterbox lock.

We can remove letterbox locks.

We can make a new key for letterbox locks.

We can fix letterbox locks.

We have the tools to repair your letterbox lock.

We can make a new key for letterbox locks.

We can re-key your letterbox lock with the same one.

We can break mailbox locks.