Smart Car Key Replacement

Smart Car Key Replacement

Your Smart key is a valuable item. Losing the car key is a terrible moment. We replace the lost car keys. At work or at home. 

We come to you! Replacement of lost keys is easy and affordable. Our locksmiths price is much lower because the car has to be dragged to the dealer to pay the price. We go straight to your location to unlock your door, decrypt the lock, and intercept the brand new factory key from the code, just like the one you had before…you know…that happened. Our keys are guaranteed to work. Our licenses and insurers have obtained years of experience in using Smart safety locks and anti-theft systems.

We understand your concerns. Please forgive us for throwing jargon at you. To decode the lock basically means that you have read it. Each Smart lock consists of a series of wafers inside a cylinder. The chip in the lock has a special size. Our locksmith has special tools that allow us to safely “read” these numbers in the lock. This allows us to bring the “code” to your lock. 

In addition, this allows us to accurately generate the required keys without having to archive or completely replace the ignition device. Compared to simply cutting a new key after losing all the keys, the cost of replacing the lock core is much higher. see? Decoding is not terrible.

Our locksmith hackney is based in London today.

Stupidly I lost my car keys in the parking area near to the shopping mall but Auto Pro Locksmith offered me an excellent car key service to lock out my car……..Excellent.
I had a great experience with an auto-pro locksmith. I couldn’t start my car and he repair the barrel lock and gave me a great deal. thank you for your help.
Eilan Azulay
Excellent and professional job. Efficient and quick, any inquiries that I have got the sort it in a good manner. Definitely, if I got another issue I will call him back.
Jaime Martin de la Leona Hidalgo

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Smart Keys Service In London

When the locksmith service decodes the door lock on your Smart car or truck, he uses a special tool. The tool will allow the lock to be opened. If the key is locked inside, that would be great. If you are not very lucky and all your keys are lost, don’t worry.

 Using the same tool, the locksmith can “read” the lock. This allows the locksmith to determine how to cut the appropriate key blank to fit your Smart door lock and ignition device. This process will not damage your lock. The lock will operate normally. In this way, our locksmith will prepare the key within a few minutes. The locksmith will need to calculate the appropriate cut.

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Losing the keys to a modern car can be expensive. In other words, if you choose to tow the vehicle to the dealership, then continue to pay the hard-earned money to replace the key set for the Ford. Savvy customers know that they can get transactions online.

 Few people expect to find the same deal through a local locksmith. Finding a service provider to program car keys and remote controls purchased online can be difficult. Dealers often choose not to program keys that are not purchased from them. Through the Auto Pro Locksmith professional vehicle locksmith team, it is easy to purchase the correct transponder key, remote control or FOB for your vehicle.

Smart Keys Service In London

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If you lose the key, transportation may become a problem. Auto Pro Locksmith vehicle safety experts no longer need to ride a bike or take a taxi. In addition, there is no need to tow the vehicle due to lost or damaged keys! If you lose or destroy Ford’s keys and need a duplicate key or spare key, please call us. If you lose all the keys to the vehicle, we will not be able to copy them, but need to make the “original” keys to the vehicle. Rest assured, no matter what the situation, we can serve you. Don’t pay hundreds of dollars for losing keys to Ford, Lincoln or Mercury cars.

Many Smart cars and trucks manufactured in 2015, 2016, 2017, etc. were not equipped with traditional car keys. The so-called smart keys or smart keys have some error messages around them. If you are believed to be because your Smart does not use a traditional ignition device with a metal key, then you must go to the dealer… this is wrong! Vehicle security professionals such as Auto Pro Locksmith locksmiths can easily reprogram new push-start vehicles or replace lost smart keys.

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Smart Car Key Replacement FAQ’S

Replacement Smart keys start at £99.

The cost of replacing a Smart car key at Autoprolocksmith is £99.

On the same day.

We can replace your Smart key with a VIN number.

We can program your Smart key.

We can make a new car key from scratch so no need for any key.

Once you call, we will come on the same day.

A cylinder lock has an extra piece of metal on the inside and outside of the lock.
A standard key will only fit one way in a cylinder lock, whereas it can go both ways on a standard key.